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"For the players, it is a social and fun end to their cricket seasons, with the chance to spend time with their teammates, get more competitive playing time on the pitch, and make new friends with other counties." 

Kent Cricket Girls' County Squad

Malvern College Cricket Festival

Malvern College Cricket Festival will be held across the prestigious venues of Malvern College and The Downs Malvern and is open to girls' and boys' county cricket teams from U10-U18 age groups. The festivals provide the opportunity to come away as a team and represent your county and play different counties' teams from across the country.  


We are offering festivals throughout Summer 2024. Games will run from the afternoon on arrivals day and over the course of the festivals, teams will be presented with the opportunity to play different formats. On the last evening across all sites, we will be hosting an awards/farewell dinner to celebrate the achievements at the festivals. 

Spectators are welcome to come along and support their teams from the sidelines with refreshments available on site. There is then chance to spend the evenings exploring the local area, in the knowledge that your children are safe on site in their boarding houses.

Fixture Locations

The Malvern Tour will be hosted across the picturesque settings of Malvern College and The Downs Malvern in Worcestershire. 

Please view each venue page for further information.


Brockhill Road, Malvern, Worcestershire

WR13 6EY

IMG_5259 2.jpg

College Road, Malvern, Worcestershire

WR14 3DF

Tour Locations Anchor


Upon booking confirmation, your team will be allocated a venue which will become your home for the duration of the festival. This is where you will play your matches, dine, stay and enjoy a number of wider activities. 

Players of all ages will enjoy the best of cricketing and residential experiences during their time taking part in Malvern College Cricket Festival.  


All players will stay in school boarding houses, with each team being assigned their own floor(s). Rooms are allocated accordingly with single or twin rooms, or larger dormitories. All boarding houses have their own shared bathroom facilities and common rooms. 

View accommodation at The Downs Malvern >>
View accommodation at Malvern College >>


Outside of all things cricket, players will have the opportunity to use wider facilities at Malvern College and The Downs Malvern. This includes swimming, field activities, basketball, rounders, netball, badminton, football, table tennis and cinema nights. 


All meals will be provided, including breakfast, lunch (either a hot meal onsite or cricket tea off-site) and dinner. Dietary requirements are catered for* and options are available, including a choice of salad and fruit. 


* Players with special dietary requirements should advise their manager as soon as possible and at least one month before the festival. 


First matches of the day will generally start at 10.30am with the length depending on the age group. The structure of the festival allows for any postponements to game play in the event of bad weather so players should always be ready to participate, regardless of the forecast. 


The location of each match will be listed on our Fixtures page. As some matches may be off-site, transport will be provided. 

Health and Safety

We are committed to providing a safe and enjoyable festival for all. All welfare, health and safety and medical information will be issued to participating teams via email. 

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Enter Your Team

Ready to enter your team and take part in Malvern College Cricket Festival 2024

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